Love Bites (One Direction vampire fanfiction)

Love Bites (One Direction vampire fanfiction)

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LennonPayne By LennonPayne Updated Apr 10, 2016

Amia had a perfect life, she made wonderful grades, had the bestest friends in the world... until one night walking back from one of her friends house.

Amia got attacked by five vampires that night, but instead of turning her, she became their pet.

Now Amia thinks she might be falling for one of the vampires, but she knows she cant love any of them after what they have done to her. 

How is Amia going to handle being five vampires pet... or will she even last that long?

burnitupparis burnitupparis Apr 07, 2016
Alexandria's Genesis. Purple eyes, no periods, I want that life
funnybunny65 funnybunny65 Mar 08, 2016
That is funny the " I know karate and four Othe Japanese word so"
dragonlover1095 dragonlover1095 Jul 10, 2016
I know this may sound fake but I have brown eyes but they will turn blue or green......I know it sounds silly but it actually happens
MintyFanGirlx MintyFanGirlx Jun 07, 2016
I'm pretty sure there's actually a disease where you don't grow hair anywhere but your face (like eyelashes, eyebrows, etc.) and your head so you'd have normal head hair just no arm or leg hair and stuff like that. Plus, with the disease you also have purple eyes
Mikegotswag360 Mikegotswag360 Sep 10, 2016
Napoleon XIV there coming to take me away ha haaa I love this song
FlutterGemMLP FlutterGemMLP May 03, 2016
That is creepy..... Except for the ' ha ha ' part.... 😂😂😂