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Married to the Sexy Stranger (boyxboy)

Married to the Sexy Stranger (boyxboy)

103K Reads 5.5K Votes 23 Part Story
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice things! By Jin-Jin- Completed

Lucas Mitchell is engaged to his girlfriend Kristina, who is pregnant with his baby. Lucas receives a call from his parents who tell him that he is going to get married but not to Kristina but to their friends' son Ruso Sanchez. 

No matter how Lucas refuses this marriage it is happening. So he finally gives in but still continues to see Kristina afterwards and for a while it works until his sexy stranger of a husband gets jealous and comes on to him. Then everything just goes downhill. Are they able to fix it?

Hidashi14 Hidashi14 Jul 28, 2016
Im smiling so creepy it's scaring my teacher right now😂😂😂
hiatys hiatys Nov 05, 2016
Lmao when I read this I imagined like a swat team about to take out their next target
Techno626 Techno626 Jul 29, 2016
That was a fantastic chapter... I wonder who will cave in first..
Techno626 Techno626 Jul 29, 2016
Well I'm thinking our little Lucas is intrigued by  Ruso even though he claims not to be..  sometimes being drunk makes you bolder to confess true feelings...
direfaery direfaery May 21, 2016
It'd be kind of funny if it turns out his fiancee has actually been cheating on him and its not his baby.
SharaGRE SharaGRE Jul 30, 2016
Hahaha,  it's like he likes Ruso but also thinks is wrong. I think it's only because Kristina is pregnant