Suspected [L Lawliet x Reader] Death Note Fanfiction

Suspected [L Lawliet x Reader] Death Note Fanfiction

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Leni By leniliv Updated Nov 29, 2015

[Y/N] is a normal high school student who is about to graduate. She* is very curious about what is happening in the world and likes to have her own thoughts about it. One day the Japanese Taskforce shows up on your doorstep because she is suspected to be Kira. But the suspicion is not the only reason why she has to go with them...

The characters and the whole Kira-story are obviously from Death Note, I do not own the rights about it and whatever I am supposed to say about that now.

Please ignore any grammar and spelling mistakes, I try my best :)

* /he, I mean if you are a guy reading this it's obviously cool. You just need to know that I will use she/her in this story, but I see no reasons why this shouldn't work with a male reader :)

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insanejoke insanejoke Sep 28, 2017
Cause i was ill i sleot tje last days rally god but my eyebags dont care i think its natually
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I'm sorry, I know this was a typo or something, but he podcasts about massages?? 😂😂😂 I'm sorry, I mean no offense what so ever
NekoMadHatter NekoMadHatter Nov 12, 2017
(It's about 1:00 am here) I wouldn't worry about it being short, I really love it
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Lol it's the middle of the night for you, it's 6:07 am, and I didn't sleep last night. Fun times.
The_Sad_Queen The_Sad_Queen Oct 05, 2017
Lawyer or Detective or a Hot anime girl in every single anime
I want to be an idol or a voiceactor. If that goes wrong, I’ll be a zoo keeper