The Daydreamer - A Werewolf Novel [Taylor Swift Playlist]

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Step into the world of The Unbelievables.
    Emily’s life has been filled with nothing but gruelling and taunting memories which she has always locked up tight for nobody –  including herself –  to reach.
    She’s always daydreamed of the day when her saviour would crash down her bedroom door and walk in scooping her up and taking her life somewhere, each daydream more crazier and dreamy as the next.
    Em has always kept close to the present not delving back into her past and not thinking of the future. Just waiting.
    But when Em is shipped off to live with her grandmother Mamma her life is utterly and completely altered as she meets Jace. Someone she instantly warms to, and extremely fast, too fast. Jace shows her to a whole new world and life as she is finally forced to deal with the past and also her future.
    She is forced to chuck away her daydreaming and step into reality were love is more than what she’d ever imagine as she is shown a whole new world.
I like how you added some unreleased songs like Being With My Baby, I really want to start this but I'm reading something else at the moment... :-( Also, I put The Other Side Of The Door in my library, trying to do this 'Song titles as book titles' thing...
omg i haven't ever read your book & i already love it! great idea putting playlist on the first page! p.s tay swift perf choice!
I love that mostly all your chapters are Taylor Swift songs !! I like her music .
This is, probably, the ninth time i've read this, its that awesome.
i love how you use taylor swift's song and relate it to the chapters. ;)
                                     i'm personally a big fan of taylor swift. xD
ummm i usually dont comment on anything but i absolutely luv this story and i think ur an amazing writer.... :)