The Three Hunters  (Killua x Gon x Reader) [COMPLETED]

The Three Hunters (Killua x Gon x Reader) [COMPLETED]

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Klance By Essencede Completed

I don't own Hunter x Hunter. All credit goes to the creator.

This story takes place after Gon meets his father. Killua and Gon are exploring and end up staying at your house. What will happen when the two boys fall for you?

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Ezzy_Peezy Ezzy_Peezy Aug 07
I can tell you how this story is gonna end. I chooooose... NEITHER! They belong with EACH OTHER!!!! I'm a fujoshi. I'm not supposed to be kissing guys. I'm supposed to be watching them kissing from a distance!
IF i dont get to be in the middle of killua and gon then i have many
I am not allowed to marry until I can make tortillas and flip them with the oven on high ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)>⌐■-■
Nani? Haru? Haru Nanase? *tear escapes from my eye* My long lost swimming twin...IS FOUND!!!!!!
When you realize your real life brother doesn't give 2 fücks about you
Even though I just need to turn up the heat on the oven a little