The Selection

The Selection

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Shoutout to @meganb1094 for the amazing cover!!!!

Even though Alexis is a 5 she has had a pretty good life. Nice and loving parents, food, clothes, a roof over her head, and good health. Then things take a turn for the worst, and she finds out that her mother has been diagnosed with a now rare disease called Leukemia. Luckily it is now curable thanks to the improved technology, but it costs thousands of dollars! The only way to get that much money for a five, is to enter the selection and get the monthly payments. 
     Alexis has come of age and her dad really wants her to send in a application to enter the Selection to win Prince Luke's heart. Alexis refuses to enter because she HATES the royal family she thinks they are fake and cold hearted.  Will Alexis enter the Selection to save her mother or will she decide against it?

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the selection series. It was/is written by Kiera Cass.

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lightblue14 lightblue14 Nov 17, 2016
This story is's just awesome
                              And it would mean a lot if you guys checked my fan fiction based of the selection 
                              Thanks <3 <3 <3
book-of-book book-of-book Mar 25, 2016
Hi! I see you like the selection! I have done a contest, so maybe you could check it?
hellsdevil101 hellsdevil101 Aug 03, 2016
So excited to re-read this! I've been re-reading all the selection fanfictions in my library! :)
writtenindawall writtenindawall Sep 16, 2016
If you like my story, you should really read this @fern56 It reminds me of my story but it is fanfic of Selection.
M602777 M602777 Dec 02, 2015
Superb book!!!! I can't wait for Chapter 18! Keep up the good work!!!