Just A Drag Race? (NaLu)

Just A Drag Race? (NaLu)

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I'ma NaLu Righta! By XRandomNaLuShipperX Updated May 26, 2016

Natsu Dragneel, the most famous unbeaten drag racer around. Natsu isnt the type of guy to hit on every hot girl he see's, but that all change when he meets Lucy Heartfilia, the hottest race starter there is.

Will Natsu be able to make Lucy fall in love with him? Or will she fall for some other guy?

Read to find out!

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own FairyTail or any of its characters, the rightful owner is Hiro Mashima.

~NaLu Foreves

KayPoo9711 KayPoo9711 Jun 30, 2016
My name is I LIKE THE STORY ALREADY 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👈👈
DeadlyKittyRawr DeadlyKittyRawr Jun 28, 2016
i would totaly do what Lucy just did exept i'd punch that stranger guy in the face! POW!
churchillbest16 churchillbest16 Mar 26, 2016
Is it just me or do I imagine edoles  (idk how to spell it🙃) Natsu's outfit
tastefultrash tastefultrash Mar 12, 2016
I'm gonna be honest. When I saw the title I thought Natsu was just gonna be walking around in drag.
ItzMe_Mai_15 ItzMe_Mai_15 Apr 14, 2016
Wtf... She said she don't go out with random strangers and Natsu is a stranger except he's a famous stranger and everyone has to known him
cosmicko cosmicko Sep 24, 2016
she said she doesn't go home with a random stranger. natsu was only asking for coffee so... VALID