fuckboy [lilo mpreg au]

fuckboy [lilo mpreg au]

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Nat(mini break) By HelloImNat Completed

"shut up you fuckboy" 

song: ease- troye sivan


- - Oct 11
XO 😵 LIAM! I HAVE FRICKEN SPOOOOONS wait wheres the spoon emojis? Did Liam sue the emoji company because they had a spoon emoji?
K so i just saw another one of your stories and it's mpreg AND it has a troye song at the bottom we're friends now you have no choice
Dude I saw this was mpreg and I was like okay yes I'll give it a shot I've been looking for a good Lilo mpreg but then I saw you mentioned troye and I was like "YOOOOO ITS MY BABY TROYE BOY BROOOOO"
My name is Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez, you've hurt my Louis, prepare to die
That's so messed up, I would've been waiting for him at the door