nerd to badass 2

nerd to badass 2

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rose_martinez By clarissa_olivas01 Completed

"Please open your eyes" I cried as kyle laid in the bed .

Its been a month since he has been out into the coma.

I barely leave his side ,only when Alice or Blake make me eat and shower.

I sniffed and whipped the tears that shamefully fell down my face

I gently grabbed his hand 

" I miss you, were twins and I will always love you ,no matter what you've done to me.please just wake up so I can know your okay . let me see your hazel eyes light up . please" 
I whimperd as I looked at the ground 

Next thing you know I see his fingers moving ever so slowly ! 

Excitement grew in my stomache as I got closer to see him finally open his  eyes.

Unfortunately for me I didn't notice we were being attack and Blake yelling for me to hide . since it was oblivious that I'm not in the right  mental shape to fight .

As soon as I get up and run for the door a fist collides with my face and I go flying back.

I groan but get up ready to protect kyle at at needs

I look up only to be meet with Levi ...

jkburrell jkburrell Aug 05, 2016
NOOOOOOOO! He is evil. If his gonna feed her lies pleas at least tell her she has a twin brother
juicybass juicybass Jan 01
O shiiiiiiittttt. Nonononnonononoononononononoononononoononononoononoonononononoononnononoonononoononononoononononononoononononoonononononoonononoononononoonoonononononononoono
ladycatacorn12 ladycatacorn12 7 days ago
Ha ha hahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahhahah do you really think you can get away with that hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahhahahahahhahahah bish you bout to be died by me in 1.1 seconds so you have zero to run time to die bitčh
                              I think I've gone insane 😐😯
syniahswint syniahswint Jul 22, 2016
Wait like boyfriend and girlfriend  or girlfriend like as friends
taeurus taeurus Aug 25, 2016
Great now i have this weird ašš image of her getting a mini whip and whipping her tears omg im crying😂😂😭
mangafreak101 mangafreak101 Oct 11, 2016
I hate when this stuff happens!!!😕😕😕😕
                              But I looooooooooove it now!!!😍😍😍😍😍💞💞💞💞💞😍😍😍😍😍