The Shades of Alabaster

The Shades of Alabaster

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Sixteen-year-old Rhona Gustave is forced to ally an enemy in order to save her mother from an unfair execution. Falling in love with that enemy was never a part of the plan.

Rhona was born a small, fair creature, and not the sort of fair that means delicate beauty, but the sort that means pale and pasty. The problem is that she was also born a Leotian, and the Leotians are a culture famed for their golden-brown skin. So for Rhona being an outsider has become the status quo. 

When mercenaries from the neighboring land of Eastonia--Leotia's oldest enemy--arrest her mother for an unthinkable crime, Rhona at last learns the truth about her fairness, and it involves a lot of politics and the Alabaster royal family. Determined to save her mother's life, Rhona heads for Eastonian soil, where she runs headlong into Atticus re Vierre--an Eastonian boy with a troubled past and a mission of his own--and a reluctant alliance between them is formed. 

From the home of the Eastonian royal family, to the infamous Stuëlen-gar prison, to the Shadelands--the spirit realm between the living and the dead--Rhona devises a way to sabotage her mother's execution while also battling her feelings for the increasingly unpredictable Atticus.

An adventurous romance with a touch of the supernatural!

  • adventure
  • alabaster
  • darkness
  • enemies
  • fantasy
  • heir
  • light
  • mercenaries
  • prejudice
  • princess
  • regency
  • rescue
  • romance
  • royalty
  • shades
  • soldier
  • spirits
  • supernatural
  • wattys2017
There should be a comma between ‘Higgins’ and ‘author’. Sorry if I sound rude...
SpiritWriter1 SpiritWriter1 May 01, 2016
I'm still anxiously waiting at the end of my seat . . . and it's only been a week and three days since I finished this book! Can't wait until the sequel comes out! In fact, I keep refreshing my page, hoping it will magically appear! *Sigh* It hasn't yet. :(
ChasingFallingSkies ChasingFallingSkies Apr 06, 2016
Beautiful book, I'm so glad I read it! Can't wait for the next one!
AaronDuggan15 AaronDuggan15 Jun 23, 2016
Wow what an amazing book. I am beginning to read this now and it seems great. If you have any time could you please read through mine because i am close to 200 views and i am in a $10 bet to whoever gets there. Great book though keep up great work.
geminiBABY geminiBABY Jan 04, 2016
I love Wendy Higgens books, I can't believe she's your friend!!
dino_says_RAWR dino_says_RAWR Jan 02, 2016
This book is so full of tough choices and epic twists! I love it so much. Please don't ever stop posting...