I Am Bailey Bennett. [LGBT]

I Am Bailey Bennett. [LGBT]

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Kathrine A. Boyer By KathrineABoyer Completed

Beautiful: Possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, taste, smell, and to feel.
You do not want to see me. When you see me, you see a freak. You do not want to hear my voice, my high hideous voice. Nor do you want to think about me and my disgusting self. Never would you want to taste me with your lips, or smell my wretchedness. And you most certainly do not want to feel me. You do not want to feel me or feel what I feel.
I am Bailey Bennett and I am not beautiful.

(This story takes place in the late 1960's)

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O.O Can you wear shoes a wrong way? I was not aware? Or is it symbolic for his low self-esteem?
People would kill to be in the body of somebody who hates themselves too.
Maybe she does want him to make friends but...they'll kill him with their closed mindedness... Not his parents... People...
lovemeG_08 lovemeG_08 Jan 23
it's one thing for me to hate the way I look; my body, my skin, my hair, my features, even my smile. but I'm trying to learn to accept myself for who I am.
People do the same thing to me. I'm not an individual person I'm "the younger sister if *sister's name*"
                              Even people the same age as me refer to mr as that!
lovemeG_08 lovemeG_08 Jan 23
I never talk in class, I hate being called on, I hate raising my hand.