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South park x reader lemons

South park x reader lemons

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Destiny rose valentin By Suppeeps52 Updated Feb 21, 2016

Lemons people!

                              T hot
                              H hoe
                              O Oval
                              T Hinking of a word to go along with this but idk like anyways WHY WOULD HE SAY HE LIVE HER IF HE LAUGH AT HER -_-
Dave's eyes are red
                              Roses attitude is prickly
                              Oh my jegus Frick
                              That escalated quickly
Purple_Bastard Purple_Bastard Aug 25, 2016
Don't give me that "Hey I love you" shït you literally just embarrassed me in front of your friends and literally asked one them to help! So fück you *flips a finger up* DOUBLE FÜCK YOU *Puts other middle finger off* ALSO I NEVERED LOVED YOU BÏTCH
Emma_and_Alex Emma_and_Alex Oct 31, 2016
Dafuq was that? Its like me when i drink a drink, as soon as i pour it, its gone! XD
momoyumiko10 momoyumiko10 Nov 30, 2016
Please don't be such a lazy ass and make it a bit longer that that...
Ninjagogirl4life Ninjagogirl4life Oct 04, 2016
Roses are red,
                              The thorns are prickly!
                              I am now going to say,
                              That escalated quickly 
                              Lol that's so old