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ALEX ARMY By minalexarmy Completed

In Big Hit High, there was always peace. That is until Seven certain boys set foot in it. Since then on, the school changed. 
V bullies JungKook because he is Gay. 
Rap Monster is always making trouble to impress Jin.
Suga is hopelessly in love with J-Hope, V's best friend. 
Jimin is just a player, he doesnt really care.

But things happen for a reason right? What will happen if they end up in Detention?

Cover made by: obsobing

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  • namjin
  • schooldrama
  • vkook
  • yoonseok
Xuriously Xuriously Jun 30
Everyone's saying "me" but we all know that'd be lil meow meow
Bruh... I've got like 5 hours of detention like this and 3 for fighting even tho I'm a girl
I‘m not even allowed to rest my chin on my palm.... but yeah
sweg_whale sweg_whale Jul 16
One time I slept I class but my teacher didn’t care because I do it so often.
one time i could've gotten detention for pulling out a bag of chips out and eating it during gym.
                              i also was hitting this pervert with my sneakers several times while our guidance counselor made her quarterly visit. but she didn't notice so i continued to smack him with my shoe
I never get enough sleep at night but I LOVE my sleep but I have never fallen asleep. Only when its allowed. Then I sleep