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A. Army By armyelfkissme Completed

In Big Hit High, there was always peace. That is until Seven certain boys set foot in it. Since then on, the school changed. 
V bullies JungKook because he is Gay. 
Rap Monster is always making trouble to impress Jin.
Suga is hopelessly in love with J-Hope, V's best friend. 
Jimin is just a player, he doesnt really care.

But things happen for a reason right? What will happen if they end up in Detention?

Cover made by: -baepseok

Slept in my classes but always got away with it. A huge book is always a good cover up lol
i sleep in class only if it is realy boring and nothing interesting. Secondly seeing Jimin sleeping is jot my cup of tea but hey why not trying new one
jwomin jwomin Jun 24
i slept in history and lit and english and math but i never got detention lmao
ME IN EVERY CLASS EVER (if ur in high school u can relate or at least understand)
choiyoungay choiyoungay Jun 21
I used to sleep my way through advanced math because it was an afterschool lesson so I couldn't get in that much trouble
                              Except that one time I slapped my face off of my desk and gave myself a nosebleed as well as concussion
_jibooteh_ _jibooteh_ Jan 21
Well I usually don't go to the 1 class so I can sleep 
                              Or I just go with my friends for coffee XD