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A. Army By minalexarmy Completed

In Big Hit High, there was always peace. That is until Seven certain boys set foot in it. Since then on, the school changed. 
V bullies JungKook because he is Gay. 
Rap Monster is always making trouble to impress Jin.
Suga is hopelessly in love with J-Hope, V's best friend. 
Jimin is just a player, he doesnt really care.

But things happen for a reason right? What will happen if they end up in Detention?

Cover made by: -baepseok

i can relate to jimin so bad..........i should get detention but in my school there is no detention fortunately....i sleep in almost my whole schedule..
If I fall asleep in class and the teacher reports me I have to get drugged tested
I'm a little surprised yet not since Yoongi is usually the one sleeping
                              But Jimin works really hard so makes sense he be sleeping
004zie 004zie Jul 18
Everyone saying "me" but I'm like, umm actually I don't sleep in class because everyone else is loud af, I would actually be Yoongi or hoseok in this situation, getting in trouble to help my friends duh
Everyone is saying "me" but we all know we'd be that one bitch watching all that drama while eating popcorn
jinsh00k24 jinsh00k24 Jul 10
All of them look so cute and then there's Jin who has a "don't mess with me" face, I love it!