Zodiac high

Zodiac high

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High school is tough for everyone, but what happens when you put all the zodiacs in one class? New friendships are born and enemies revealed, everything is happening in zodiac high.... 

This is my first zodiac story so it may not be good, however thank you to whoever does and please give me feedback!!

Please do not copy this book. The story line is mine and the only reason I've had to post this is because I've been reading several stories similar to my own either storyline wise or character plot wise. All rights are reserved meaning no coping the storyline etc. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my story!

ChLuKa ChLuKa Jan 02
Gem is my little sister's nickname 
                              Her names Gemma😂😂
okayzay okayzay Jan 09
louis tomlinson is who cap is to me and i'm a pisces and i'm loving it 😂❤
ATaiwo ATaiwo Jan 06
Taurus is gonna kill you and eat you, whatever comes first... Wait!! That's me!!
Pessimistic_Trash Pessimistic_Trash Nov 27, 2016
Scorpio is also a guy but I'm okay with it now I guess. In the beginning it annoyed me but now it's weird when I see a story where the Scorpio is a girl
jjiscray jjiscray Dec 25, 2016
Can Pisces and Leo fall in love? Pisces has a crush on Leo and things just blossom?
*pulls out OP diamond sword, looks for Scorpio, finds Scorpio, kills Scorpio* (XD Minecraft rules!)