The Girl Who Fought {Harry Potter} Completed

The Girl Who Fought {Harry Potter} Completed

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♡ By LumosThenNox Completed

(Under editing)

Adeline is the adopted daughter of the Weasley family, she was adopted after Molly Weasley found her in a basket abandoned in a street 12 years ago. Adeline sticks out in her family with her blonde hair and her mix of blue and green eyes, but she is treated no different. Adeline will always be a Weasley but ministry laws force her to use the last name smith. This law is used on children who do not know their blood parentage. But what the ministry don't know can't hurt them, right?

Adeline is now starting her 3rd year at Hogwarts with her brother Ron and best friends Harry and Hermione, she's hoping for a peaceful year, but fate has other ideas.

Amazing series covers made by @Laylaa_HP_TW 
Highly recommend her.

Based on Prisoner of Azkaban.
All Rights Reserved.

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HufflepuffForLife424 HufflepuffForLife424 Nov 05, 2017
Great! Now I want Sirius to be her father. Plus! Doesn't anyone see that he doesn't scream fury!!! He screams with crazed panic. Really he is afraid. You can see in his eyes
meerkattay17 meerkattay17 Nov 13, 2017
Oh god, she doesn’t know her parents. Prepare for the incest...
I honestly was too absorbed in your amazing writing and editing and such that I forgot that the other two were still there...
HufflepuffForLife424 HufflepuffForLife424 Nov 05, 2017
So the sisiter of Zarchias Smith and thousand over kids around the world!? 😂
fs-umi fs-umi Sep 22, 2017
I get so angry whenever I see all the "HE'S A MURDERER AND HE WANTS TO KILL HARRY" scenes lmao rip
KayleeDuncan4 KayleeDuncan4 Aug 08, 2017
Funny thing. Toby could have very well eaten scabbers. He can't blame Hermione's cat