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New friends

New friends

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Erza Scarlet By KaoruandHikarumine Updated Aug 11, 2016

This is to make up for my other book which didn't have some other ships I like. ok, this will have some ships I don't like as well, for example,GrUvia and Mireed or Gray×Juvia and Mirajane×Freed.In this one, Natsu and Lisanna are evil.They kick Lucy out and soon, the guild realizes their mistake.She is,unfortunately for them,The Dragon Queen.She kept it a secret for the safety of her dragons. Suddenly, the magic council appears out of nowhere and asked Lucy to care for the Oracion Seis.Lucy gladly accepts, forgiving them almost immediately.She becomes close friends with Sorano and the others. Zeref appears at her doorstep, unexpectedly, during her first dinner with Oracion Seis.Laxus visits every night, with lame excuses Lyon falls for Lucy after realising that Juvia can never love him, he tries to visit her when free.Gajeel tags along with Laxus to keep him company at Lucy's house every night...or so he says.Will Lucy stop Natsu and Lisanna's plan or will Fairy Tail cease to exist?Fin

L0LIDKL0L L0LIDKL0L Aug 19, 2016
Don't even put half of that b****'s name in there just say it's a sick b******
Hidden--Artist Hidden--Artist Mar 06, 2016
This is really good and good nickname for lissana in this fanfic
852002H 852002H Dec 26, 2016
You know I am glad your told me the whole story in the summary so I don't have to read this. Thanks!
Chipurami Chipurami Aug 27, 2016
Lucy's own language coming up!!! DUN DUN DUN !!!😆😆😆
Kami_Sama Kami_Sama Feb 21, 2016
What happend to Lucy's language??  O.o? And what kind of language is that? XD
JoahnaPamelahGabayan JoahnaPamelahGabayan Mar 12, 2016
(smirking sadistically)Oooooohhhhh.I'm sooooo gonna kill Natsu & his trusty b****,Lisanna.