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The Lady: Part.1

The Lady: Part.1

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Francis By francisxyzk Completed

The Lady - It's her job to create hell on earth.

LBanimegirl LBanimegirl Feb 10, 2016
Whenever something like this comes up. It makes me feel like they're all robots or puppets...
purplegummyturtles purplegummyturtles Jun 22, 2016
Wait!!!!!!!! What the f-ck!!!!!!!!!! What the hell just happened?!?!?!?!
hrb264 hrb264 Feb 16, 2016
Of course working girl is also another name for prostitute lol
LBanimegirl LBanimegirl Feb 10, 2016
Did she just turn Scottish all of a sudden? Or is it Bristolian?
ZanyZera ZanyZera Jan 22
Oh after a long time I'm going to read a good book that is going to make my nights sleepless.
- - Mar 25, 2016
Woooooow you made a 3rd book of the surgeon????? :O i havent even finished the twins yet mannnn DX welp guess im not sleeping tonight haha