Our journey of hate, betrayall, forgiveness and love (Fairy Tail fanfic)

Our journey of hate, betrayall, forgiveness and love (Fairy Tail fanfic)

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BookWorm_Tomboy121 By otakulife12345 Updated Dec 03, 2016

Disclaimer: Hiro Mashima owns Fairy Tail

You think this is the same. It's not.
Lucy Heartfilia, Wendy Marvel and Levy McGarden all thought they finally found a family, a home. Lissana comes back. People start to ignore them little by little, but their love for their family was still there. You could say it was undying. They make a mistake, they let them go. They where left heartbroken, but they still loved the friends that remained with them. But before that, Lucy meets them. Those three people show them who they really where. Would the guild realize their mistake? Will they want them back? Will Natsu finally realize his feelings for Lucy? But, has she moved on for the person they least expect?

Find out!

Ender_Rose_Amos Ender_Rose_Amos Aug 05, 2016
At first I saw 'sorry Luce' and I was about to flip a table. Then i reread it.
bitxh_maloley bitxh_maloley Jun 23, 2016
                              Lucy: Shut up you stupid cat!!! Your ruining the Wendy and Romeo moment.....
theoneandonlykami theoneandonlykami Oct 25, 2016
Oh so your on wattpad every day looking at gale fanfics😏😏😏😏😏
Ender_Rose_Amos Ender_Rose_Amos Oct 20, 2016
Nooooo he's just standing out there with a bouquet of roses and chocolates.... Casually standing at your door.... (Please note the sarcasm)
FAB_otaku_GIRL FAB_otaku_GIRL Dec 19, 2015
Awesome! Great start! Not so rushed and not off track! You are a great writer!!! :3