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The LasVegaesian Chronicles | Astrape

The LasVegaesian Chronicles | Astrape

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⚜ fUZZI Lin ⚜ By fUZZI_Lin Updated Apr 16

::BOOK I OF The LasVegaesian Chronicles SERIES::

❝The world holds so many secrets.❞

Upotia had kept its Humans from ever knowing the powerful Dragons and their Riders and the influence they held over the land.  To the Humans, it was like the Dragons and Dragon Riders never existed.

❝You are related to more things than you think.❞

Zea Sarwyght has never known her parents or what lay beyond the borders of her home.  Zea never knew why a blue stone ambushed her that fateful night, and even more bizarre, why a Dragon had hatched for her.

❝Some legacies aren't meant to be lost.❞

To Pelbatia, Zea was a dangerous enemy to her position as the dictator Queen of LasVegaesia.  But in the eyes of Upotia's rebel archnemesis, Zea was their harbinger.  The One to free LasVegaesia from a millennia of Upotia's control.

❝A storm is brewing.❞

[All rights go to me, Joyce Lin (fUZZI_Lin).  Everything in this story is not to be shared or distributed in any way.  Please kindly take this seriously.]

[Weekly summer updates]

Highest rank:  #129 in Fantasy

⚜1ST PLACE in the True Color Awards 2017⚜

10K reads on:  04/20/2017
1K votes on:  10/06/2016 

::Copyright © 2016 by Joyce Lin (fUZZI_Lin)::
::Copyright © 2017 by Joyce Lin (fUZZI_Lin)::

Did you have an issue with people thinking it was in another language?
Um. So I skipped the summary before and came back because the name of the place had me wondering something and, well, this sounds extremely like Eragon. Maybe change the summary up some to make it more distinguished?
Gracinator Gracinator 2 days ago
Have I mentioned that I love the summary, especially the quotes?
AndersRobbs AndersRobbs Mar 02
Liking the emphasis of the quotes.  But isn't this the description?
GrammarNazi GrammarNazi Jan 01
Dang you really pulled this summary up real good.  Ten out of ten
ImperialSun ImperialSun Mar 07
Puede should be 'puedes'. While quiere should be 'quieres'. With 'en' after 'libro'. The rest is fine :D!