The Daughter of Poseidon ☤ Luke Castellan

The Daughter of Poseidon ☤ Luke Castellan

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Naki By NakeishaN Updated Sep 30, 2018

"Look Percy! She's just like you, she also drools in her sleep."

What if Percy Jackson had a sister?
What if Luke didn't join Kronos and become evil?
What if Luke and Percy's sister fell in love? 

Cora Roth,

Black hair, blue eyes, strong-headed personality. Has the tendency to drool in her sleep. 

Just like her brother.

The only thing that differentiate the two siblings is a blonde hair, blue-eyed, demigod named Luke Castellan.

Luke has done a lot of things in the past, some good and bad, but no one remembers the good things that people have done, only the bad.

After dreaming about the fate awaiting Luke, she sets out to change his destiny. Along the way she finds the true meaning of love and betrayal. And finds out the truth of her past.

A/N: I do not own any of the characters, they belong to Rick Riordan. I only own the characters I created. Note that: Percy is 19 years old and Heroes of Olympus HAS happened, Leo is still M.I.A and I have changed Luke's ages to 20 years old. The battle of Manhattan hasn't not taken place and the war with Gaia has. Basically they switched places.

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