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Shadow of Darkness By Shadeyenora Updated Feb 15

The title says it all! Dapper-Deoxys/Rebornica characters x reader, and I'll do lemons for them~! Just go head and request! They can be characters from,

Night Terror (not Vinny)
the Pilot webcomic
FNaF (not the animatronics though)
Time-Line/The Mythology AU

And other games/comics or whatever Deo has created. Not too sure about Radioactive though- I didn't pay much attention to that one.

And there are certain characters I will not write a lemon/one-shot for, such as Vinny. And don't go whining either; I respect Deo like any other /true/ fan would.

So go ahead and request~!

I would love if you could do another reader x Darren, please? Thx, keep up the great work.
choirlover choirlover Jan 03
Sorry for asking, but could you do a Neko Vincent x reader...... lemon... 0//0
MultifandomDaddy MultifandomDaddy Oct 01, 2015
I can't believe I'm saying this but..artman x reader lemon *shots self in the face*
AshantiFNaF AshantiFNaF Sep 03, 2015
Me: He taking a bath with his clothes on Michael: Biatch im washing in my clothes Me: Hes drunk af
                              Michael: Biatch im washing in my clothessss~