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Shadow of Darkness By Shadeyenora Updated Feb 15, 2016

The title says it all! Dapper-Deoxys/Rebornica characters x reader, and I'll do lemons for them~! Just go head and request! They can be characters from,

Night Terror (not Vinny)
the Pilot webcomic
FNaF (not the animatronics though)
Time-Line/The Mythology AU

And other games/comics or whatever Deo has created. Not too sure about Radioactive though- I didn't pay much attention to that one.

And there are certain characters I will not write a lemon/one-shot for, such as Vinny. And don't go whining either; I respect Deo like any other /true/ fan would.

So go ahead and request~!

  • fnaf
  • lemon
  • oneshots
  • pilot
rainbowgalaxyXY rainbowgalaxyXY May 31, 2017
There ain't going back once you get naked gurl. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
heimko heimko May 28, 2017
I would love to some naga!Vendetta x succubus/centaur-hybrid!Mahogany x satyr!Reader, is that possible? (It's and OT3 btw. (also if you want to, could there be a bit of safe-vore in it? again only if you want to ofc))
Loonbluefire Loonbluefire Oct 19, 2016
I would love if you could do another reader x Darren, please? Thx, keep up the great work.
irlherobrine irlherobrine Jan 05, 2017
ohnmy god i love drunk people just imagining this is so funnt im laughing
irlherobrine irlherobrine Jan 05, 2017
ohbkyvgod wet cavern just reminds me of the chum cavern im giggling
choirlover choirlover Jan 03, 2016
Sorry for asking, but could you do a Neko Vincent x reader...... lemon... 0//0