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The Neko Boy // Phan

The Neko Boy // Phan

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Kitty By _rAdIoAcTiVeKiTtY_ Updated Dec 08, 2015

The boy sits on my bed, legs crossed gracefully, hands planted on the bed in front of him, as we stare at each other, both expecting something.

Finally, I speak up. "Um.... Who are you, and what are you doing on my bed?!"

The boy flinches from my loud voice, his odd cat ears falling back. "I was waiting for you to get back, master." He looks down at his lap sadly with a face of rejection.

My eyes widen. Master?

A/N: This story will involve strong language, a few descriptive sex scenes (I'll put a warning at the beginning of a chapter containing one, for those who don't want to read it), and masterxpet (which is a part of BDSM. There will be aspects of BDSM in here, but nothing to extreme like gunplay or whatever)(don't look that up, if you don't know what it is)
I've made this story mature because of the fact that there will be BDSM things in it.
*DISCLAIMER*: I hate to do this, loves, but I have to say it. BDSM is not something for kids. If you are still a minor, please do not try to join the BDSM community. Yes, it's acceptable to start learning about BDSM when you're a couple years away from being legal, but please do not participate in BDSM until you are of the legal age wherever you live.

If the guy is supposed to pay at the end of the meal 
                              What do lesbian couples do or better yet gay couples do
Phabulous_Phannie Phabulous_Phannie Nov 28, 2016
Well, actually me being bisexual is good cause.. *Hannah Montana theme ays in the background* yOU GET THE BESTTTT OF BOTH WORLDS
im pan but i dont like boys that much, like i perfer girls. idk whats wrong with me
Phabulous_Phannie Phabulous_Phannie Nov 28, 2016
If Dan's this sweet Jesus Phil must be a ray of sunshine- oh wait he already is oops😊😊
Gingerbubbles46 Gingerbubbles46 Dec 27, 2016
😂Please tell me I'm not the only one thinking of Dan's video here!
My nickname is kitten or kitty most people call me kitty tho