The Alpha Who Killed My Pack Is My Mate?

The Alpha Who Killed My Pack Is My Mate?

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Have you ever saw someone, and you know he, or she, was going to be a part of your future one day? Like love at first sight. Well that's definitely what I didn't expect to happen when I came face to face with Zander Quinn. Alpha of the Black Hollow pack.

Mai was a rouge for 8 years because of an invasion of her pack. Being the only one left, she lives alone in the woods where she learned how to survive in the wilderness. 

But when she is bathing in her house's backyard, she is met by 7 wolves. Zander commands her to shift after shifting himself and when they finally look at each other in the eyes. They realize something life changing. What will she do now? 

The real question is..... Is this Fate?

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PearlyPegs PearlyPegs Feb 15
I just want to help just saying before I say that you don't need am in I'm a rogue
Alpha_Queen_ Alpha_Queen_ Dec 13, 2017
I know how to pronounce Mai. My friend(Maybe not) is named Mai.
Dandelion_Tomboy Dandelion_Tomboy Mar 22, 2016
Yay my cats in here, Mai will be so happy to know she's in here! My wittle Neko-chan Mai-Mai!
ByarfKitteh ByarfKitteh Nov 20, 2016
I have a friend named Mai and it's pronounced "My" so I keep reading mi instead of may XD
gypsiroze gypsiroze Mar 25, 2015
wel what do I think ? was your question in the first intro chapter ......well so far I like it