Changes [Peterick]

Changes [Peterick]

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Patrick is transgender and no one in his school accepts him.

That is, except for one person.

Pete Wentz.

Pete Wentz doesn't care that Patrick was a girl, or that Patrick wears flower crowns, all he cares about is Patrick's beautiful personality.

This is literally what I wear almost everyday to school
                              Only, I can't wear hats in school, so I just wear flowercrowns alot
I would have done cringey gang signs and yelled. Heck yeah ma fam. And watch them cringe and leave me alone
BarrenNoise BarrenNoise Nov 09
Not going to make a joke about it, not going tYOU WILL REMEMBER MEEEREEE
JsunshineYT JsunshineYT Nov 13
What is the fourth wall (im not joking i have no idea what it is lol)
South_Park_Pony_ South_Park_Pony_ 6 days ago
so who are the people in fall out boy rn if the real fall out boy is just kids in school
JsunshineYT JsunshineYT Nov 13
*in Reaction Time's (a youtuber) voice* bruhbruhbruhbruhbruhbruhbruh