Mafia Kings Queen

Mafia Kings Queen

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☺Maka☺ By ThatAnimeGirl-Maka Updated Nov 11, 2015

Antonio Moretti- The Italian Mafia King. Standing at the height of 6'7, he strikes fear into the heart of his enemies, not just with his height, but also his piercing grey eyes. This 24 year old has everything many people always want. Women,money, a big loving family.

But, he's still waiting for his amante, his lover.

Adelaide Callas- The Greek Painter. At the height of 5'5 , she usually stays inside her house and paints. With her soft green eyes, her ever softer smile,and waves of brown, hazel hair, you would never think that this ADHD 19 year old  has been badly abused by her father, well, used to. Now, she gets abused by the people around her, hence the reason why she stays in side a lot. She lives alone.

also waiting for her own amante

But Antonio And Adelaide bump into each other, a
 spark is lit, and it's started to catch things on fire. Can they make if threw? Or are they going to burn?

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Mary_Mason Mary_Mason Aug 02
Bruh,half of Wattpad is younger then the age limit and are lying about it.1/2 from the half is actually exceeding the age limit and the 2/2 is being married and shoot.
Idk_014 Idk_014 Oct 14, 2016
I laugh every time I see witch since that's what I say instead of the b word
You_found_Dory You_found_Dory Mar 28, 2016
Anybody else read those stories where the bestfriend is like "lets do this" even tho the MC doesnt want to. Honestly hate those types but it wouldnt be such a good book if ur bestie didnt low key put u in this mess cuzz she doesn't want to listen to u
HelenDark1 HelenDark1 Jan 09
Omg. I understand 😂 Finally I found a book with someone Greek not Italian 24/7
kaitscraze kaitscraze Apr 24, 2016
well this caused some emotional damage that will come back and add the plot
HiddenKnight HiddenKnight Jan 14, 2016
HA! For everyone who said I am the only person who says that! HA HA HA!