The Angel's Beast ( Yaoi boyxboy ) [ VIXX Leo × Ravi ] ( WonTaek )

The Angel's Beast ( Yaoi boyxboy ) [ VIXX Leo × Ravi ] ( WonTaek )

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hiatus; sorry By koraeyans Updated Oct 10, 2016

"I'm a beautiful, I'm a beautiful liar"

[ VIXX LR • Jung Taekwoon known as Leo • Kim Wonshik known as Ravi ]

[ Yaoi • Boyxboy ]


I was once, wishing for a normal and joyful life, I thought if I married someone, my dream will finally come true, I thought, I'd be happy,

But, I was wrong, it became hell for me, she wasn't literally a devil, but; She wrecked my life and being, she looked like an Angel outside, but she was a devil inside, it never even reached marriage! 

But, how could that be? When I was already drowning in sorrows, I found love with a Devil-like Angel...


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All Rights Reserved 2015

Date Started: 28th Day Of August Within This Year Of 2015
Date Finished: Unknown Exact Date

Written By: SnoopySwags
Cover By: @-kookiedays & @bReaKOurFall & @perksofdo

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Chris_Zhia Chris_Zhia Oct 01, 2016
Aww!! WonTaek loves and lives!!
                              I really love them being all fluffy and.sweet! ♡♡♡
                              ...What happened before though?? 2 years is a long time..
Chris_Zhia Chris_Zhia Oct 01, 2016
OmG!! Why?? Did they break up?? Why was Ravi sneaking?? That's creepy btw.
                              Ugh! So sad.. :(
joooon_RM joooon_RM Jan 24, 2016
Ilove the way u write ♡♡plz keep going im so in love with this story of yours