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Sexually Bullied (mob x Naruto) yaoi !TROLL!

Sexually Bullied (mob x Naruto) yaoi !TROLL!

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Yurijan Lee Sakimoto By Yurijan_Otaku Updated Jun 14

Naruto was a, not so normal, 16 year old. He has a sexual relationship with his dad. Though even if Minato only uses his son for pleasure, he still loves Naruto as a son.

Summer has ended, and Naruto needs to come back to school. Which means... He'll get sexually harassed, bullied, again. 

But he wouldn't mind if the sexy 'Sex Ed' teacher teases him.

That silver haired pervert was Naruto's first crush... But not until a famous band called the 'Akatsukis' went to Naruto's school.

What will happen?
Obvious answer: Lots Of Sex


(I know, I'm weird) 

(Btw... Let's pretend that Konan is a hot sexy male here) 

Some of the akatsuki members won't be there... Because of the other members ugliness. 

(Lol... Ugliness) 

Jk their not ugly, I love them all fairly...

And BTW... There will be 'OOC' characters here, so don't ask why they are 'OOC'

And there will be a crossover from other anime... And my little pony anime boy version. 

Warning: hot, sexy, #1 uke... Fucked

GAY AF ❤️❤️

cuitechan cuitechan May 13
*cross legs while sweating and nose bleed* omg im litterly about to pee
Random fact: On happy feet I love how they each other Mommy and Daddy
Luffy-san14 Luffy-san14 May 20
I was like awowowo(like a wolf howling but in a funny way) 😂😂😂
Cuj0m0nty Cuj0m0nty May 17
Wha-? What the bloody ell? Why is his piece of piss is my bloody recommended?!?! Bloody pikers!
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cuitechan cuitechan May 13
*sweating* omg i-is it get hot in here o-or is it just m-me heheheh *nose bleed*