The Alpha's Soulmate

The Alpha's Soulmate

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Daddy By cocaineelaine Updated Jan 07

The word mates comes from the word 'soul mate'. When you meet your mate, he or she is the person you shall spend the rest of your life with. You cherish every moment you spend together and its all kittens and hopping bunny's!


I mean yeah almost every one gets a good mate...Even the annoying people...Then there was me... 

Self-conscious, dull, ugly, fat. Those are just a few out of a hundred words I like to use for myself. 

So back to the mates thing. My mate is Xavier Greyson. Yup folks thats right XAVIER FREAKING GREYSON!?!?

Player, Manwhore, Greekgod, Cocky, jerk, Bad boy, oh and lets not forget future Alpha. Those few words sum up my mate Xavier Greyson. 

Momma will be so proud knowing Xavier rams his penis into anything with a pulse! Yup fathers gonna plan the wedding alright! *NOTE THE FUCKING SARCASM*

Xavier Fucking Greyson is my mate? Yeah I'm lucky alright!

Sorry I'm terrible at summary's just please give this book as chance:)

cocaineelaine cocaineelaine Sep 06, 2015
Thank You! :D I already started writing the next chapter! ;)