Vampire in Crisis - book 8

Vampire in Crisis - book 8

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Dale Mayer By DaleMayer Completed

Book 8 of the Family Blood Ties is coming!

Tessa's world exploded. 

She survived Deanna's inheritance. 

She sees more, hears more ... understands more. 

But more is not always better. 

Cody doesn't like what's happening around him. Tessa has walked through hell and she has a lot more to go before she's clear. He plans on standing by her side - her guardian - whether she wants him to be there for her or not. 

Jared can't believe all trails lead him into trouble. He'd escaped once. Tried to stay out of the mess since. But a friend is missing, and when he tries to get help, the person he confides in goes missing too. 

The vampire world was never ready for Tessa before. The new Tessa? 

No one is ready for her.

dAhLiNg_smile dAhLiNg_smile Jan 06, 2016
I'm honestly loving this book series! Can't wait to read more <3
roniclarita21 roniclarita21 Sep 29, 2015
my notifications say the book has been updated up to chapter 2 but I can't see the story
HetalPatel924 HetalPatel924 Sep 14, 2015
I was just reading this part n a few moment later it was gone..!! How just that happened??  M I mistaking or what?
MissyBaltimoreBaez MissyBaltimoreBaez Sep 10, 2015
Nooooooooooo!  There's no story here.  Oh the horror!  It feels so lonely.  :(
tatabennefield tatabennefield Sep 10, 2015
I am rereading all of your books waiting for this one! <3 them
istiak268 istiak268 Sep 07, 2015
trying not to be impatient, but its been a week. where is the update? @dalemayer won't you update weekly?