BLACK INK | Luke Hemmings

BLACK INK | Luke Hemmings

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Catherine By IAmAMadWriter Completed

He worked in the tattoo parlour across the street and she worked in the florist around the corner. 

He was the dark guy and she was the colourful girl. 

They didn't have anything in common but when Luke buys flowers in Noelle's shop for the first time they realize that sometimes opposites attract.

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leukles leukles Nov 14, 2017
This is one of my favorite books, it is so sweet and so simple and yet I always come back here and I always think of this book because it brings me such happiness
insufficientfandoms insufficientfandoms Jun 03, 2017
Muscular noodle
                              Imagine a noodle with muscle 
                              A bodybuilder noodle
                              Six pack noodle
                              Like super-Supernoodles
                              ...okay, I'm sleep deprived and delirious. Please ignore me.
- - May 26, 2017
Black roses are real,  they are a very dark purple so that's why they're called black roses
BandTrashScarlet BandTrashScarlet Dec 30, 2017
You could always paint the roses black
                              Hello Alice in Wonderland
dc_natty dc_natty Dec 10, 2016
"mommy how did you and daddy meet?"
                              "he came in my flower shop looking for death flowers"
                              "how romantic"
LGBTQPenguins LGBTQPenguins Jul 25, 2016
I'm reaading this for like the 100th time because, honestly this might be my favorite book of all time, and I applaud you for your amazingness