Fairy Tail: My Trainer (Nastu x Lucy)

Fairy Tail: My Trainer (Nastu x Lucy)

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A young 23 year old blond female called Lucy Heartfilia is back in her home town and just joined a gym called Fiore Gym, its divided by areas. North is the Fairy Tail section, South is the Saber Tooth section, East is the Lamia Scale section, and West is the Blue Pegasus section. Lucy decides she's interested in Fairy Tail. She joins and gets a trainer called Natsu Dragneel that is a young 24 year old pinkette. 

They both have terrible pasts and a future full of pain, but happiness as well. 

Join their adventures together! 

Chapters are considered very long and one contains a piece of lemon. (Warning) 

Began on September 15th, 2015
Completed on December 27th, 2015
Edited on May 8th, 2016

I do not own Fairy tail nor its characters, it was the great Hiro Mashima.

Cove credits to: TheInfinityOfMaybe

kitkat1590 kitkat1590 Apr 11
I feel like natsu would only give her one of his t shirts idk why i just think it would be cute😊
>\\\\\\\< OMG i wish that kind of dates exists!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍
After I read this part I started to sing Thinking Bout You by Frank Ocean!! 😂😂
He's not Natsu 
                              OMAGOSH ITS END!! ETHERIOUS NATSU DRAGNEEL!!
nessa360l nessa360l Oct 11
It is amazing on how both natsu and Lucy are called by their middle names. Etherious Natsu dragneel and Lucky Lucy heartphilia
Quit Lying Lucy.. We all know you're gonna be all over him soon enough ;)