As You Are (BWWM) (ON HOLD)

As You Are (BWWM) (ON HOLD)

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He wondered if there was some deeper meaning to his attraction, the way her lips moved as she spoke, the slight smile that she gave to him every time she caught him staring. He wanted to know why did she have him feeling this way. He can have any woman he wants but what makes her so different? 

Bwwm story

This story will be written in 3rd POV and some chapters will be in one person's pov

^So that gives him the right to compare her to an animal and call her dumb?? Both of y'all sound stupid asf 😒
I'm reading this because I read a book called "Clear" and it got me all types of messed up, and I don't wanna read the sequel because I know I'm gonna cry. So yea, I'm reading this now. This better not mess me up too!
Bro she's already like me, I can't be yelled at or I cry 😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Damn I low-key wanted her to go off. And see what she's made of lol
I speak russian and turkish   ik its weird for a black person to speak those languages. Im reading this whole story in russian. I have most of my things  translated in turkish and russian. My bf is turkish