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Two Years of Torture...Or Was It Love? (Kirito x Reader)

Two Years of Torture...Or Was It Love? (Kirito x Reader)

63.9K Reads 2.7K Votes 20 Part Story
Harmony By wolf_musix Completed

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS STORY DOES FOLLOW THE MAIN STORYLINE OF THE ANIME. However, I do not own the story or the characters of SAO. That belongs to its rightful owner. Thank you.
Sword Art Online fanfiction, of course. Kirito x reader, so please enjoy! This is my first Wattpad story so please don't hate me. I have a account as well, j.musicyolo. Look for me and check out my stories! Enjoy!

AwshyyaPapaya AwshyyaPapaya Dec 24, 2016
AniSins reference 
                              "All men are beaters, we just don't like to be called out on it."
Names Wistparepplianclawjones! Nice to meet you!
                              Sorry I couldn't keep it in!!! Btw it's Wisteria mashed with Aparri Bepper Julian Snowy and Gelly Jones
puppdoggy puppdoggy Dec 24, 2016
First o was kirito now I'm asuna next I'm probably every girl in the series
Yuniashian Yuniashian Dec 23, 2016
Laughing maniacally only makes me sound like a phyco, I'm thinking of the ones from Borderlands😂
Torqouise,royal purple,lavender,black,white,grey,baby blue,blue,violet,blue violet,indigo,y- ok ill stop now XD
HikaruNiko HikaruNiko Dec 17, 2016
                              Thanks bread?
                              (I don't know what 🍵 is but it looks kinda like cream so I'm gonna go with it)