When Embers Fall {BOOK #1} |COMPLETED| [Editing]

When Embers Fall {BOOK #1} |COMPLETED| [Editing]

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Shani Lyte By DreamLyte Completed

"It's always the same when the last feather burns. My body ignites like a fire train and then poof--my ashes cascade into a horror scene." Brett's eyes were locked dead on me, dark, secret-like, and full of warning of what would be soon to come.

Nodding with a full sense of understanding, I concluded, "And if you find the cure, you won't have to suffer through it anymore."

Ashfort, a small town coasting on the outside of Arizona was surfacing with gruesome murders all over again.

One day at Ashfort High, a man burned beyond recognition chased Adecyn Wilson and her best friend, Bexley, from the girls' bathroom. With fear and questions bombarding Wilson's mind, she could barely focus on the promising haunted house party, her school work, and her not-so-great relationship with the sheriff, her mother, for the man refuses to leave her thoughts. Overwhelmed with the whole situation, she decides to seek answers to her confusing questions.

When giving the injured man a visit, he suddenly grasps her wrist, branding a feather into her flesh. Adecyn's newfound wound seems to hold the truth, and when coming across the mysterious Brett Torne, he is convinced that the feather is killing her inside. Brett isn't the only one Adecyn needs to keep her eye on, for her big brother, Jamie, is holding a boatload of secrets himself. One being, that he knows Brett Torne is a Phoenix, and the other being, there's a cure to end the pain. With so much held at stake and a new common enemy, Adecyn will be pushed past her limit, to gain the proper strength needed to protect the town of Ashfort. The question is, how much time does she have before the worse arises?

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ericalaurie ericalaurie Nov 13, 2015
ooohhh. Deadly consequences for latimus.  So the spell allows someone to stop phoenix-human from being reborn, and gives the caster their abilities?
sittinonadesk42 sittinonadesk42 Sep 02, 2015
This is awesome! The "veil" on the info makes it seem so much like a published book!
Doctreez Doctreez Aug 30, 2015
This is such a great text, love! 
                              I adored the descriptions and I'm a Torne's fan already... I love young, sassy characters, haha! Great, great job!
                              Oh, and thanks SO much for the dedication, I LOVED this chapter *-* 
                              I'll certainly keep reading! <33