Hate at First Sight

Hate at First Sight

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Meet Lexi Jones, notorious bad girl of Clearview High. Even though she is a bad girl, she is still nice to almost everyone (unless they're dumb bitches of course). She thinks her life is great- that is until her parents die in a car crash. 

   Suddenly, she's thrown into life as a nobody living in her aunts house, which looks like it belonged to the seven dwarfs. And to make things worse, she has to tutor Eastwood High's resident bad boy, Jesse James. 

   What will happen when she begins to feel something for him? Insults, broken down cars, tears, and hospital stays of course.

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katylikes7s katylikes7s Nov 28, 2016
Actually, I think this is the best starting chapter I've ever read
-hentaisocial- -hentaisocial- Oct 04, 2015
This was a short chapter. I would have like to see more of Alex's character but I'm sure I will as I continue to read on. I love the picture. She's very pretty.
-hentaisocial- -hentaisocial- Oct 04, 2015
I like the idea of you recommending other stories. That's a fab idea.