What You Do to Me

What You Do to Me

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Tiana has always been the oversized one in her pack. She is being bullied about it. After all what werewolf is fat? 

Her parents spoil her because she's their only daughter. She can't cook, clean or wash the dishes properly. 

On her Sixteenth birthday, she met her mate. Cole Russel, the next alpha. He rejects her calling her fat and other names.

So she goes on this crazy diet. Anorexia. 

Find out if she can be saved before its too late!

"Disgusting. I have someone like YOU for a mate?" Cole said in pure hatred.

My heart ripped in half. Like knives are stabbing it over and over.

"Someone like me?" I whimpered.

"Yeah a fatass, good for nothing burden."  He huffed.

I fight back the tears and choke on my sob.

"I, Cole Russel, rejects you Tiana Brown as my mate and luna" he said then walked away. Pure disgust was evident.

I went to my room and looked at myself in the mirror. He's right. I am fat. I need to lose more weight.

**ON HOLD UNTIL MAY 10,2016**

Imf090700 Imf090700 Jun 06, 2016
                              Next to 
                              Vampire Academy 
                              Twilight (no judging)
                              Harry Potter 
                              Unfortunate Events 
                              Mortal Instruments 
                              Gallagher Series
                              Etc. I have a closet full of books! No joke. Literally a CLOSET FULL OF BOOKS
flourel flourel Oct 02, 2016
Woah woah woah, couldn't even exhale before this all happened within like the first paragraph
FairyTailshipper22 FairyTailshipper22 Dec 24, 2015
Just finished winter a month ago and loved every moment of it
melbutterfly472 melbutterfly472 Oct 05, 2015
Oh my god oh my god I'm in love with him. I love stitches OMG
wolves_luver101 wolves_luver101 Sep 09, 2015
if her mate can't accept fir 4 who she really us then he's nit worth ger time
null_- null_- Sep 01, 2015