Another case?  (L x reader)

Another case? (L x reader)

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You have been friends with L almost your entire life. You came to meet him after the horrible death's of both your mother and father, who were both dectives. Since you've know L so long you are the only person who he shows any emotions to. As the years go by, L began to pick up weird habits and you two became the two best dectives in the world. Under the allis' L and (insert allis here). One day while waiting for L to get off a call, you and him sign up to be two lead investegators in the Kira case. Now being called Yuki and Ryusaki, will feelings sprout between you two? Or will it just be another case?

((L x reader))

((I Don't own death note, or you))

Jshddbdjsjdbsfjdjsnsifbeudnso dndjeneh ahhhhhhhhhh kawaii!!!!!
I'm imagining a small adorable L.
                              IT WAS SO KAWAII.
                              ( ◉ཅ◉ )
- - May 31
                              I'm ded XD
I thought he would have a car seat made just for him built into the backseat XD after hearing, "I CANT RIDE IN A CAR!! SITTING LIKE THIS WITH A SEATBELT ON DECREASES MY INTELLECT AND REASONING SKILLS BY 40%!" Five million times XD
LadyNoize LadyNoize Jun 04
It's spelled Watari. Like seriously, no one was going to correct this?