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Being Rare is considered being someone different from society: you're a person with an identical twin of the same gender, with having the exact same personality. Well, that is what is supposed to happen anyway. 

Living in a world where she is considered this type of person, Amaris O'Rally has wanted nothing more in life to leave her abusive stepfather's home. Nobody can know about the scars wounded on her body with the terror of dying five times. If you bleed until your skin turns pale without help, shouldn't you be dead? That wasn't how it exactly worked with her. 

Her stepfather is getting what he deserves in her mind, but not by herself. Aubrey Prices is the demon human being known of supernatural abilities to kill anyone standing in her way. This includes Jackson Kenny, who she wants him nothing more for him to die. 

It's all part of a war between herself and this twisted scheme with the highest threat of them all: Alexandra O'Rally. 

A powerful human being that rivals everything Aubrey has wanted. Although, gaining control of this teen has given her the extra step. 

Many problems are faced with this group, including the war against Jackson and the possessions that lies within the hearts of those you least expect. 

Lies, guilt, love, sorrow and heartbreak are all emotions bottled up in these teens. 

The light and darkness are those you never thought that could save each other from the trouble they endure. 

Even if one has to kill the other to protect each other.

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