Exchanging Feelings (Phan)

Exchanging Feelings (Phan)

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Nicole aka Nicki By nickisbadstories Completed

Phil is an exchange student and Dan happens to be his host brother. 

GENRE: Fluff/Angst. there is smut but you shouldn't read if that's all you want. 

WARNINGS: Drug/Alcohol Usage, Swearing, Depression and mentions of suicide (cutting, suicide attempt), Death of family members, Childhood traumas, Car accidents, Boyxboy, Drug dealing

word count: 88k+

(In case you don't know this, exchange students live with a family that's called "host family".)

comiclouis comiclouis Jul 22
that's actually really good, i think 
                              it's not my first language too but i've read some fanfics that ffs
This is me being picky, I'm sorry. 
                              You're using a English term (Year 10) with an American one (High school).
                              Just a thing, you don't start secondary school in year 10, you start in year 7.
Literally Me, except I've never been to the UK and I don't live in Brazil and I can't afford to go to the UK ;-;
comiclouis comiclouis Jul 22
whaaaaaaaaaat brazil?? lol i'm brazilian, wasn't expecting that! and guys i have friends literally more pale than phil
"I wasn't the kind of guy they found hot" I'm rethinking my life right now because I find Phil extremely attractive
Rich kids with nothing but fake friends and fake feelings. (Who I spent my entire Year 7 existence surrounded by)