Broken   ↠    j.w

Broken ↠ j.w

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Magcon By JaylynnDallas Updated Jul 18, 2017

As he leaned in closer I could feel his hot breath. He closed his eyes and leaned in more. I took a step back, almost free from his grip. "What's wrong?" he asked. I sighed. "...Can't you see that I'm broken..." 
There was a long pause after I said that. I started to walk away, when, he grabbed my hand. "Then.. Let me fix you..." he finally said.

Alia Marie Valentina Caniff is Taylor Caniff's younger sister. Despite their scarring past, her and Taylor live together in California. She's fifteen also makes YouTube videos and occasionally does Vines with her brother. She used to cheer for a competitive team, but ever since they went on tour, she hasnt had time for it.

She only has two bestfriends. A boy named Daniel Skye, and a girl named Lauryn. 
She's known Daniel since kindergarten and she's known Lauryn for five years. 
Her and Lauryn meet online and was her first YouTube friend too. Then Lauryn moved into her neighborhood and they became really close.  

She meet a boy named Jacob Whitesides at a YouTube event. They talked and became really close friends. But what happens when he joins Magcon?

Taylor's been having a bunch of friends that he met on Vine over lately. He told her that she wasn't aloud to meet them, so she either stayed in her room or went to Lauryn or Daniel's house. She's watched their vines before tho. In fact, she follows them on Instagram, Vine, Twitter..ect. 

But what happens when she gets to go on the Magcon Tour with them? Will Taylor get into fights with the guys? Will she fall in love with one of them? Will they fight over her?

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