Pokemon Facebook With The Peeps

Pokemon Facebook With The Peeps

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𝔠𝔥𝔩𝔬𝔢 By queen_random1 Updated Jun 27

The Pokemon characters chat online! See randomness from Ash, Gary, Drew, Paul, Serena, May, Misty, Dawn and other characters as they use Facebook when they're not with JC.

I got my inspiration from a couple other books, from @thefeelingswecall and @sylveon12 so if you're reading this story, go check theirs out as well cause they're absolutely fantastic! 

Warning: Has swearing and really weird random stuff the Pokemon peeps say

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So that means... 
                              ASHLEY IS A GUY!!! =)
I know. Maybe the pokemon from generation 44 will have deedeennee
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                              Beleaf me, Kenny AND Gary. I wood'nt go anywhere near Dawn if I were you.
MMS1213 MMS1213 Jan 24
                              *deep raspy voice*Pokemon company you lied to me.
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