You do Something to Me > Donte

You do Something to Me > Donte

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Shanell Collins HesMines By ShanellCollinsHesMines Updated Aug 27, 2014

"Into the Abyss of MidNight"

Here are some of Donte's darkest and most confused moments....
And a few more deleted scenes of Donte from

all will be in his POV and decidedly more vulgar and gritty than those in the original book

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@DaliaEllz lol just seeing this!!! yea I'm late hope you have kept up with the story there is more to come!
sarasefree sarasefree Jun 16, 2014
I am so obsessed with midnight and snowflake I keep reading this over and over.....this is just so good.....patiently waiting on my updates
GinaBoydenErickson GinaBoydenErickson Oct 24, 2012
This chapter was amazing girl! Wow it had me lost in it and pulling for him a lot. (He's hot) ;-))
@edwardsgirl4life ME TOO!! I am secretly in love with him!!! And he just beta better and better as the story goes on!!
Berta18 Berta18 Sep 01, 2011
Donte is WOW! he cooked for his mother there's more to him than anything else. She will fight for him I know it. They live each other dearly :) Donte to the public!
@Speakerboxx76 thanks chic for your support and comment!! one of the reasons why i like to hear from the readers!!! will up load soon!!!