badboy ➳bts  jungkook fanfiction

badboy ➳bts jungkook fanfiction

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f** By jungkooklive Completed

"it broke him in so many pieces that even the blood in his veins turned dark"


What happens when the good invisible girl turns into something the badboy made her become?
this story is about a girl named jenna, just a normal teenager which no cool kid ever noticed, untill jungkook enters school, he doesn't want to make friends with any of them, he wasn't supposed to like jenna either, but the moment in his life, that changed his pure mind into a dark sky without any stars, he started living that way, and when he slowly starts to trust jenna, she becomes something she never thought she could ever become. Herself

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AnetaDallas AnetaDallas Mar 03
Yes........😒 She feel invisible but he looks at her! Girl he want you!😭😂
ImSpecialInMyEyes ImSpecialInMyEyes Feb 11, 2016
My time has come, finally a Jenna because my name is Jennifer
cloutballs cloutballs Apr 24, 2016
leonardo, on the left, would like humanity to be destroyed. lily, on the right, thinks otherwise. oscar, in the middle, is neutral on this subject.
msalty msalty Mar 20, 2016
Is it just me or is Maddie used as the bitchy girls name a lot? I go by Maddie but I'm not bitchy. Well, maybe. It depends on who I'm talking to.
- - May 19, 2016
jungkook is smexy but taehyungs my bias. i feel like im cheating
pinkraiza pinkraiza Mar 16, 2016
Ik this is like the 2nd page but I can already tell it's the best story I've ever read