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TEJAL By diana97ooo Updated Sep 23, 2015

NIKOLAI IVANOV, King of Chicago's  underworld . He's ruthless ,cold-hearted ,rich, and handsome.
He won't think about putting a bullet in your head, if you piss him off. 
But  all he really wants is for someone to love him despite his past . 

MAYA COOPER , a sweet and innocent girl who believes that everyone is good in this world . 

What happens when NIKOLAI falls in love with her at first sight and will do anything to make her, his.......... Because what Nikolai wants , Nikolai takes 


A token of thanks to mon - princesse
for being a wonderful editor ........
And also to souadisch for making a fabulous cover ...........
Thanks a lot both of you :)

diana97ooo diana97ooo Apr 08
The only book with shades of grey I've read is 50 shades of grey😉......
                              Not between shades of might have been a coincidence ...
Did you get the names from the book 'Between Shades of Grey'? Because in the book, 2 characters are named Nikolai and Ivanov. Just thought you should know. Smh
onedirectionohyeah onedirectionohyeah Apr 19, 2016
Please dont write in all capitals. I am litteraly SCREAMING IN MY HEAD
TheLoudMouse TheLoudMouse May 09, 2016
All I'd say is just add a vary of sentence structures
                               You have the potential its just not there yet :-)
animeluver_ animeluver_ Mar 14, 2016
This kind of reminds me of the movie John wick, and I'm just not sure if the Russian guys name is also ivanov, but interesting beginning, good job 👍🏼
PARobbins PARobbins Mar 13, 2016
It's a good starting point. I like the story line, just needs to be finessed.