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TEJAL By diana97ooo Updated Sep 23, 2015

NIKOLAI IVANOV, King of Chicago's  underworld . He's ruthless ,cold-hearted ,rich, and handsome.
He won't think about putting a bullet in your head, if you piss him off. 
But  all he really wants is for someone to love him despite his past . 

MAYA COOPER , a sweet and innocent girl who believes that everyone is good in this world . 

What happens when NIKOLAI falls in love with her at first sight and will do anything to make her, his.......... Because what Nikolai wants , Nikolai takes 


A token of thanks to mon - princesse
for being a wonderful editor ........
And also to souadisch for making a fabulous cover ...........
Thanks a lot both of you :)

  • innocent
  • love
  • mafia
  • mine
  • possessive
  • protective
  • ruthless
psssshhhh money can buy happiness because happiness is food 🙃
BoomerT2016 BoomerT2016 Oct 19
happy is a choice. 
                              my choices have brought me here. Both the;;;;;::::
                              gOoD aNd bAd.
                              Wrong and right
                              i love you. Forever. And. Always!
diana97ooo diana97ooo Apr 08
The only book with shades of grey I've read is 50 shades of grey😉......
                              Not between shades of might have been a coincidence ...
Did you get the names from the book 'Between Shades of Grey'? Because in the book, 2 characters are named Nikolai and Ivanov. Just thought you should know. Smh
onedirectionohyeah onedirectionohyeah Apr 19, 2016
Please dont write in all capitals. I am litteraly SCREAMING IN MY HEAD
TheLoudMouse TheLoudMouse May 09, 2016
All I'd say is just add a vary of sentence structures
                               You have the potential its just not there yet :-)