Normality :: Stiles Stilinski

Normality :: Stiles Stilinski

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'So you're a werewolf?'

'Not exactly.'

Normality means the state of being normal, typical or usual. Miya's sense of normality could be considered crazy or suicidal for most. Her normality was going everywhere with no break and never being the same person; almost like a doll. But when she gets assigned to Derek Hale her sense of normality is flipped completely upside down.

Tracking down a psychopathic alpha isn't so easy as it seems even for the best of her kind. 

But when Miya begins getting closer to her original target will she really want to leave her new found friends and will she be able to protect them from the dangers that they face?

Began: Late 2015
Part 1: completed 14 of October 2016
Part 2: completed 11 August 2017

[Season 1 & 2]
{I do not own Teen Wolf that brilliant idea goes to Jeff Davis I only own Miya and any other characters that come from the agency and their plot lines}

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