My Record Store Romance

My Record Store Romance

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Elizabeth By elizabethrami Updated Nov 08, 2015

After an almost accident between Hailey and a stranger leaves her summer, and car, in ruins, she is left with no transportation and one ultimatum; to get a job and pay off the damages. But when the only person she wished she would never have to see again is the same person who she is forced to work all summer with, it seems that nothing will ever be the same.

Can dingy records, rainy nights, and a few arguments bring two people together? Or will it just be a summer fling- one they both wished they had never gotten involved in?

Who knew car payments could cause so much trouble.

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iconasf iconasf Aug 02
i could NEVER slam doors in my house. "i dare you to slam one more door in this house! you don't pay no bills!"
ChillIed ChillIed Jul 11
She's had it so easy and she's completely ungrateful lmfao. Try living with an alcoholic mother and a workaholic father that's never there. She should count her blessings
*humming happily to myself because the writing is actually good*
                              YOU AIN'T GONNA LIE.
                              BUT HEY, DO ME A FAVOR
                              CALL ME JERK ONE MORE TIME
She’s literally my favorite wattpad parent ever. So realistic.
It’ s not really about responsibility. My dad is...well a DAD aka responsible af, and he had a car accident that crashed his car few weeks ago