My Record Store Romance

My Record Store Romance

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e l i z a b e t h By elizabethrami Updated Nov 08, 2015

After an almost accident between Hailey and a stranger leaves her summer, and car, in ruins, she is left with no transportation and one ultimatum; to get a job and pay off the damages. But when the only person she wished she would never have to see again is the same person who she is forced to work all summer with, it seems that nothing will ever be the same.

Can dingy records, rainy nights, and a few arguments bring two people together? Or will it just be a summer fling- one they both wished they had never gotten involved in?

Who knew car payments could cause so much trouble.

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© Elizabeth Ramirez

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Cool_chick79 Cool_chick79 Jul 25, 2016
*Dean Winchester appears*
                              Hey listen buddy we've both been there and done that so no one gives a rat's ass if you have time or not.
                              *bows* Thank you!
They said my name in the paragraph I feel so special (^_^)
GoldChain99 GoldChain99 Jul 29, 2016
Just some constructive criticism cause I don't think you've noticed this, but this is a run on sentence.  I'd try editing it into 3 or so :)
DarlingJustStop DarlingJustStop Nov 11, 2016
It's funny cause the majority of the comments are either a correction of spelling  or making fun of her comeback hahaha
Dana_Monique_2468 Dana_Monique_2468 Jul 06, 2016
I love the fact that her name is Hailey and that's the character she plays on TVD and The Originals.
articzaddy articzaddy Oct 26, 2016
he either cheated/divorced/left when sugah mami was pregnant