Lucky Fan Girl (BTS J-HOPE FANFIC)

Lucky Fan Girl (BTS J-HOPE FANFIC)

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misshobie By misshobie Completed

Just another fan girl trying to get lucky with the BTS boys, but this one gets a bit too lucky.

If you're J-Hope trash like I am, feel free to read~


Cover by: Koneko_Senpaixx ; My army sista~

Where is this place located. I got enough money for plane tickets.
jisoo86 jisoo86 Jan 22
This fic is so childish and cringe but still I read it : D #idgaf
emma_senpai24 emma_senpai24 Dec 11, 2016
ok now i regret doing everything i've ever done....should i just stop stanning them..?
happyvirusyehet happyvirusyehet Nov 25, 2016
Ok but, if this was true, Hobi would be so heartbroken, because he finally found someone who "doesn't recognize him" (or at least that's what he thinks) and then that person leaves him because of the fact that he has a lot of crazy fans. That must hurt. Wow.
Me when my mother tells me to put my phone away and help her with the dishes. No thanks mom!
emma_senpai24 emma_senpai24 Dec 11, 2016
at least you're not fat asf like me...i'd rather be skinny and not really have any boobs then be my weight right now and have stupid big boob🙄