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Hetalia Fluff & Smut

Hetalia Fluff & Smut

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qưəəი оf ცıтсჩеs By -TuxedoMask Updated 2 days ago

So yeah... It ranges from fluffy shit to smutty shit.

Simple enough.
I guess any pairing is welcome?
Rules are inside.
See you there.
I guess?

Sarah56643 Sarah56643 Feb 19
Hello, I would like to request a Germany x Fem!Germany smut please. Thank you! ^v^
Hi there, if you are still taking requests, I have one that I would like done please. 
                              Can you do a Belgium(Female) X Hungary Smut please? 
                              Thanks so much! Love your chapters!
DrowningPhoenix DrowningPhoenix 2 days ago
If you're still taking requests could you please do platonic Poland and Lithuania, thank you
Rawrbitch34 Rawrbitch34 Jan 19
If you're still taking requests, Can you do a Germany X Italy Smut oneshot? I'm sorry if it's already asked for. Thank you so much
igguspan igguspan Feb 03
Of you are still taking requests and if it won't be of any trouble could you write a kind of fluffy AmeCan thing (sorry if I'm bothering you)
AuthorSinPie AuthorSinPie Dec 13, 2016
I was just wondering if stuff like Bad Touch Trio fluff (as in they all -- France, Prussia, and Spain -- love eachother and stuff) is allowed? Though I have a feeling it's two people shipping, only.