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Cynthia Espinoza By letthembefree1993 Completed

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you think your floating in air but in reality you're just laying on a dirty, blood and cum, stained bed unmoving due to the abuse that was done to your body? Do you ever wish to just pick up a sharp object and just end it all? That's how Micah Anderson feels like every day. He was taken from his mother when he was only but a child and was abused by a man by the name of Ryan Xander. He was raped and tortured for more than 6 years before he was found and rescued by Jackson Robertson, Alpha of the Silver Light pack.

Jackson Robertson, 27 years old, has a degree in Science and Law is the Alpha of one of the most feared packs in all of California, the Silver Light Pack. He's the only child of the late Alpha and Luna, Nicholas and Sophia Robertson. He witnessed the death of his parents at the tender age of only 5 years old. He's been searching for his mate since he hit 18. He's best friends both have already found their mates three years ago. 

What will happen when one day while doing a perimeter check he and his beta tumble across an abandoned house in the middle of woods? What will do when he realizes that his mate's inside the house? What will he do when he learns that his mate has been raped and abused for the last 6 years old his life? Read and find out in, You Saved Me.

ReadTil1AM ReadTil1AM Apr 15
Tried to restrain myself from the inevitable... It's impossible for me not to.
                              I know an even better way to wake up ;D.
ReadTil1AM ReadTil1AM Apr 15
I thought that werewolves couldn't reproduce unless they were in heat. And in order to be in heat I thought they needed to have found there mate. But I'm jumping the gun. Is Micah even a werewolf?
crazypant crazypant Mar 16
Male pregnancy??
                              Is that even a thing?
                              Am i under some stone.. i have never come across this
I was/am an ugly ass child where are these little beings being made?
RitianneE RitianneE Jun 11, 2016
I agree with @toscaredtolove I love this version than the old one .
toscaredtolove toscaredtolove Sep 04, 2015
i like please update. this is so far better than the old one.